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Client Reviews

Capture Family Joy

Tucked away in Greenwood Village is Boyko Barn; a charming place to take high-quality pictures for any occasion. Rachel did an amazing job capturing our family's joy while making it such an enjoyable experience. We will definitely go back for future sessions.  K.S.

Quiet, Intimate Location

 If you crave privacy and are tired of chaos and permits, I highly recommend Boyko Barn for your next photo session. I loved this quiet, intimate location as it offers plenty of rustic texture, natural backdrops/trees and lighting options to create amazing photographs. The barn offers a level of privacy that even my shyest customers can appreciate. Rachael, the owner, made the reservation process easy and offered tips to make the most of the space. My wedding clients enjoyed this perfect romantic spot conveniently located en route to their Denver backyard reception. I can’t say enough about Rachael’s hospitality and this beautiful space—I’m looking forward to my next shoot!  ~Anne Stephenson Photography~

Private Trail Access

When one of my families requested a quiet and intimate place for their maternity session, I knew this place was going to be perfect! Booking and communication were so easy with Rachael, and as soon as we showed up we went to the back of the property through a separate entrance so we didn't disturb anyone. The morning light came through the barn and trail behind it so beautiful! Their were tons of trees and even a sweet little garden we used for some portraits. I can't wait to come back here again for our next shoot! ~Taylor Jones Photography

Fun, Thoughtful Style

Rachael’s artistic skill with the camera made our family photo session amazing. Thanks to her fun and thoughtful style, the kids had a great time with it too- which resulted in some really playful shots. The images she chose for us really captured our family well.


Perfect for Family Photos & More

What a hidden treat this is!  Rachael is super awesome and easy to work with which makes the work of finding a location that much easier!  The Barn is quite amazing with the Canal as an extra bonus and oh boy was it beautiful to see in the fall leaves!  This Private location is the perfect place to go for family photos and much much more!   Thank you Rachael for this amazing experience! ~RattTrap Artistry~

Clean, Rustic & Beautiful Space

My clients were looking for a charming location and the ability to use lights for their anniversary session. Rachael was professional, quick to respond, and more than accommodating with our schedule and power requests. The barn itself is clean, rustic, and beautiful. The inside of the barn had some pretty barn lights already hung that created a warm ambiance.  Also the barn is surrounded by so much natural beauty, we explored a bit and got some wonderful variety in our session. It was perfect for our romantic session. I cannot wait to return again soon. ~Laura Gail Photography~


15 Minute Drive from Wash Park

I had a great time shooting my client's pet and family session at Rachael's barn! The backdrop was perfect and really versatile - I was able to get a great mix of shots. The location looks a lot more remote than it actually is - it was only a 15 minute drive from Wash Park. Can't wait to have another shoot here! This is such a great location to be able to offer to my clients!  Lily Red Studio

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